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If you deleted a page by mistake, check the tab “trash”. From there you will see a link to restore the page. *Note that once you emptied the trash, the page is gone and cannot be restored.

WordPress uses different page status, so if a page is not complete, you can save it as a draft. When page are saved as draft they are only accessible to the connected users. At any moment the status of a page can be changed.

  1. To change the status of a page, find the option “visibility” in the Elementor settings panel
  2. Set it to either public (available on the internet) or private (only for connected users)
  3. If you wish to un-publish a page, change the status from Published to Draft
  1. On the page where you did the mistake, on the lower left screen corner, click on a small arrow looking like a circle
  2. It will open the Elementor “History” tab
  3. Click one of the revisions to see previous version of the page/post
  4. Update and reload the page. Repeat with an other revision if necessary

The website use a cache to load faster and sometimes it may display an older version of a page. If it’s the case, click on “refresh website cache” on the admin bar on the upper part of the screen, then do ctrl+r on the page you wish to refresh.


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